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a living room with green walls and white trim on the door, chairs and table
Worth Avenue
a vase with flowers on a table in front of a wallpapered room that has blue and pink flowers
Marta Ferri's Vintage de Gournay Wallpaper
an old building with many windows lit up at night
a room with red walls and a mirror on the wall next to a chest of drawers
a bedroom with pink and gold wallpaper, chandelier and bed in it
a living room filled with furniture and curtains
a blue table topped with a mirror next to a window covered in floral curtaines
A Blue and White Dutch Colonial by Madcap Cottage - The Glam Pad
How to Decorate a Colorful Traditional and Modern Dining Room Elegant, Modern
How to Decorate a Dining Room
a living room filled with lots of furniture and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling
Scot Meacham Wood Home
a bedroom with pink and gold decor on the walls
Southeastern Showhouse 2020 — Brittany Cason Interior Design