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This is a clever and humorous photomontage. The picture appears to be of a boy flying with seagulls over the ocean. The two images used were of seagulls flying and a young boy swimming in the ocean.

'breathing' collage by Gray Wielebinski

Fantastic way of mixing things, Experimentation is key with collage. try creating collages that incorporate your own photographs and old photographs, sketches, patterns etc

'Diabetic Thirst' - Eugenia Loli collage

Diabetic Thirst via Eugenia Loli Collage. This is a fun piece due to the nature of it subject matter wise. It's interesting the some places it blends and then pops of colors give it visual interest.

New-York - Linocut, Geraldine Theurot, Print

Linocut / Linocut / New York / Black and white / linocut avenue - New York" / limited edition, numbered and signed