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Terence Stamp

Black and white portraits easily succeed in reflecting the true emotion of the subject. Here are a collection of impressive black and white portraits by Betina La Plante.

I wouldn't do anything but take care of you and love you with my last breath

There's nothing that you've done that Jesus didn't already die for. Don't die in your sins and go to hell, but call upon him for salvation.

How exactly do we hear God speak? How do we teach this to our children, when we're still just learning ourselves? There is hope there and, thankfully, He is patient, while we learn to listen.

I stopped watching tv about 9 months ago (I know I'm a wierdo) and I can't believe the difference the silence has made!

old man

Incredible portrait in black and white. almost a life worn weariness in those eyes… Arresting Portraits by Jonathan Rosser

He did the strangest thing. Rolled up a joint in cardboard. Never seen that before but I guess if you got no paper you gotta make do. I've had a sheltered life. by LJ., via Flickr

BoredPanda - Top 10 Most Famous Portrait Photographers in the World - Lee Jeffries . His collection of black and white portraits of homeless people is unique and stunning. He depicts a glimpse of hope in the eyes of his subjects.