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Beetroot and Courgette Burgers - Beetroot Recipes Ideas

Beetroot and Courgette Burgers

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Marrow & ginger jam ... great way to use the over grown courgette's
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Marrow & ginger jam

A traditional way to use up marrows, or courgettes, that have grown too big for their boots

spicy marrow chutney - I made this a few months ago. I tasted with cheese and crackers yesterday - it was gorgeous :)

Spicy marrow chutney recipe

Here’s the first recipe from my preserving marathon on Tuesday: spicy marrow chutney. With all the different spices, it’s got a very full taste rather than a one-note blast of chilli he…

Make the most of marrow with this superhealthy budget family supper

Stuffed marrow bake

Make the most of marrow with this superhealthy budget family supper

Courgette fritters- Have to try them soon...have courgettes in the refrigerator!

Courgette fritters

A good veggie main made up of just four ingredients - so what are you waiting for? Get grating those courgettes!

Super moist delicious decadent brownies with a secret ingredient – courgettes / zucchini !
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Courgette Brownies

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These Courgette Brownies are super moist, delicious & decadent – no one will ever guess there’s zucchini in these brownies!

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Marrow Soup with Garlic and Beans (For Using Up Big Marrows) — Gourmet Mum

My dad recently gave me some enormous marrows from his allotment. I roasted them and made them into this easy soup with some beans to add protein. I used mung beans because I like the slightly sweet flavour and the green colour, but any tinned beans would work fine.

Aha, this may work with turkey mince or quorn mince
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Awesome 100% Paleo Lasagna Recipe | Paleo Newbie

Aha, this may work with turkey mince or quorn mince

Marrow chutney. I have two in the fridge, will ratatouille the smaller one and try making this with the monster.
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Marrow chutney

What will you do with your courgette glut? Make the most of them in a fruity chutney with ginger, apples, sultanas and shallots

i’m still loving my puy lentil and mushroom ragu and finding it very versatile. as we...

stuffed marrow — eat the right stuff

If you think marrow is bland, try this way of serving it.

marrow bread I've added sultanas and lemon zest and glazed with lemon icing
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Using up the glut: Marrow cake recipe

In my previous post about saving marrow/courgette seeds, I mentioned that the marrow I had was just going from ripe to overripe. I had no particular plans to eat the marrow – we like courgett…

This stuffed marrow recipe is perfect as a side or main. It doesn't get much healthier and tastier than this veggie dish

Stuffed Roast Marrow | Recipes | GoodtoKnow

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· has lots of quick and easy food recipes like this summer roast marrow from Woman's Weekly. Find out more recipes at

One of my mist favourite chutneys. Marrow and apple wonderful with turkey or chicken.
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My nan's marrow chutney

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One of the culinary delights of my childhood was my nan's marrow chutney. Every year she used to make 2 large earthenware crocks of this chutney. She used to serve this for supper, along with my pop's pickled shallots, mature cheddar and fresh crusty bread. It was so good that I used to take marrow chutney sandwiches to school with me. Unfortunately my nan had never written the recipe down and it was lost with her demise. Fortunately several years ago a friend of my mother (Mrs Kibbles) gave…

Stuffed marrow rings recipe - swap for vegan cheese
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Stuffed Marrow Rings | Main Course Recipes | GoodtoKnow

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Enjoy this delicious, cheap and easy vegetarian version of the traditional stuffed marrow

Stuffed Marrow With Beef Mince - Easy And Tasty Recipe For Marrow

Stuffed Marrow With Beef Mince - Easy Recipe - Penny's Recipes

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Easy Supper with seasonal vegetable

Baked marrow stuffed with two cheeses

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