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Photographer: Andreas Richter​ / Model: Fräulein Lissi​ / Stylist, Hair & Makeup: KC & Paula​ / Studio: Stefan Gesell

Idem-Huva She was the Finish harvest goddess who would haunt the threshing area early in the morning in order to make sure all was well.

best break up quotes

hell yeah i fucking did because you were and always will be worth it. you see, i broke my rules for you and now you're gone. even though i regret it sometimes, i would have done it a thousand times over again even if it hurts me in the end.

Tell me about it...

it was a simple hello and then being best friends for 4 years and then we told each other we loved each other but life decided to take a big turn and make us have a very complicated goodbye. i guess we where better off being best friends