Residencia y Hotel Mi’Costa,© Özgür Arı

Galería de Residencia y Hotel Mi’Costa / Uras X Dilekci Architects - 3

Capturing the Blur - Carly Gertler

University of Michigan - Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Core I Studio Critic: Joel Schmidt Year: 2011 Exhibited Spree Taubman College Student Showcase Awarded Studio Citation Indeterminacy and ambiguity are conditions.

Galería de Cicada / Marco Casagrande - 1

Galería de Cicada / Marco Casagrande - 1

'Cicada' by Finnish architect Marco Casagrande is a cocoon-like spatial installation in a highly industrial region of taipei, taiwan. Conceived as 'urban acupuncture' for the city, the bamboo structure loosely envelopes an organic space.

This project is an alterations and additions to a tiny inner city terrace, including new bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, courtyard and living spaces. The design locates the new bedroom and bathrooms spaces above an open-plan living area that opens onto intimate garden spaces at either end of the property. The project transforms what previously was a dark and introverted home into one of abundant..

designed by catalan firm PMMT arquitectura, 'TR house' is clad with a green ceramic skin that camouflages the building with its verdant surroundings.

Falesti, Moldova. Imagen Cortesía de

Una colección de llamativos diseños de paraderos de autobuses soviéticos

Roadside Temples: Unusual Bus Stops Of The Soviet Era (A bus stop in Falesti, Moldova)

Photo © KC Design Studio.

House W: Small Footprint, Big City Living by KC Design Studio in Taiwan

925 Building, Seoul, South Korea

925 Building, Seoul, South Korea

10 Casas Futuristas Que Te Asombrarán Hoy | Ideas Arquitectos

Villa F is a building design made in Rhodes, Greece, from Hornung and Jacobi Architecture, in collaboration with Jan Escher. What makes this ‘home’ so interesting and alternative?

Fachada Dior Miami,© Alessandra Chemollo

Galería de Fachada Dior Miami / Barbaritobancel Architectes - 21