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"...My old friends become exes again" - Fall Out Boy.

Where Did The Party Go - Fall Out Boy<< Idk why but in the beginning of this song I dance like the dancers in the beginning of thriller

Sunday Morning Quotes - Dear Lord, I thank You for the Grace of being alive this morning; I thank You for the sleep that has refreshed me; I thank You for the chance to make a new beginning.

Thank God for another chance to live in this beautiful world and make life better for yourself and for others. There are so many good things to thank God for.

There are no happy endings life is difficult and filled with loneliness and misery - find that one thing (pugs) that keeps you getting up every morning and just let go of everything that makes your soul feel blue... Stop answering his phone calls and texts - he is playing with you! I will never again expect any men other than my Father or my son to really Love me!

Taylor Swift - I Almost Do // I bet, you think I either moved on or hate you. Cause each time you reach out there's on reply. And I bet, it never ever occurred to you, that I cant say hello to you, and risk another goodbye.