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a black background with two white circles in the middle
I see everyone's smiling but I feel sad whenever I find out that they don't really mean it. Find something real that makes you smile real. - Latest News
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‧₊˚ ραrк єυทнα ◜ ˗ˏˋ🍫ˎˊ˗
a dog with a cell phone in it's mouth wearing a towel on its head
a-leebubuꕀ(🦕) on Twitter
a small dog wearing a pink knitted hat
Dogwifhat Original | Dogwifhat
a white dog wearing a hat and holding a cell phone
🌸 baby 🌸
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Hi BEARS 🧸 on Twitter
two pink jellyfishs floating in the water on a black background, one with its head turned to the side
Yellyfish reflection
an advertisement for cheese whiz with bread and butter
Ads from the Past Archives - Page 3 of 185 - Carney
an old advertisement for short - cake with strawberries and cream cheesecake on it
Crisco Shortening Ad - 1932, Short Cake
an old advertisement for jello puddings with candles and marshmallows in it
1950-File Photo Digital Archive