Devian Khalangi

Devian Khalangi

Devian Khalangi
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Onigiri | Rice Balls |

Stuffed with a variety of fillings and flavors, Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls) make an ideal quick snack and are a fun alternative to sandwiches for lunch.

Eggplant with Sesame Ponzu Sauce II

Quick and easy pan fried sliced eggplant served with delicious sauce made from ponzu and sesame oil.

Pickled Cucumber | Easy Japanese Recipes at

How to Make Japanese Pickled Cucumber (Recipe) きゅうりの漬物の作り方(レシピ)

Japanese Rolled Omelette (Tamagoyaki 玉子焼き) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Tamagoyaki is served during Japanese breakfast and a popular bento food item. It's a golden savory egg omelette flavored with dashi and soy sauce.

Miso Soup |

Miso Soup 味噌汁 My Hubby is craving this and thankfully I have enough wakame seaweed packets to make this lol. So miso soup for dinner it is!

Ginger Rice #recipe #japanesefood | Easy Japanese Recipes at

1 ½ cup g, 12 oz) Japanese short-grain rice 1 piece aburaage (Japanese deep fried tofu pouch)* 1 g) ginger (preferably young ginger) 1 ¼ cup water Seasonings 1 Tbsp.

Chocolate Brownie Batter Pancakes - just 130 calories for the entire stack…

Good way to start the day, brownie batter pancakes. Only 130 calories in the entire recipe! This makes about pancakes, and you can stuff your face without feeling guilty!>> :O brownie batter pancakes!