Hana Andita Devarianti

Hana Andita Devarianti

Clichè. And everything in between.
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Photo by Romin Favre of C'est la Vie.

Stills & Strokes

ELLE janvier90

Photographer : Fabrice Bouquet @ c'est la vie for ELLE

Beauty product magazine editorial. Pink make up products on pink strips of paper. Still life photography by David Parfitt www.davidparfitt.com

Photo by Arthur Woodcroft (via Smith Represents).

EDITORIAL: Jobe Lawrenson for M & S Magazine

Qiu Yang - Photographie inspiration sur Clikcllk.fr

STYLE: i am very busy, ice blue are you ready for your whole life to change? yeah, you totally are. meet the new 2016-2017 ban.do medium i am very busy planner, featuring our famous phrase on an ice b

Still life for Grazia magazine \