If you get it, you are awesome

If you get it, you are awesome…

If you get it, you are awesome… It's to infinity and beyond! So yes, I am awesome.


Funny Confession Ecard: Nothing faster than the speed of light. Nothing moves faster than a girl untagging herself from a photo that makes her look fat. There really is an ecard for that!

hahahahaha, you see there I did what

What you did there…

My little brother last night was playing with a wind up toy Toyota and he goes "look! I got a Toyota!" And I go "you do not have a toy yoda!" And he says yes I do and we go on like this for about 20 minutes


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Reason why you shouldn't wear Crocs.I love my Crocs but this is still funny

Explain that…

Explain that…

(I don't believe that God hates gays) but isn't this sign so true? Gay guys are just so adorable and so beautiful!

Password problems.

Why can’t it be 123?

My work password requirements. But make it multiple different usernames & passwords for each different system & clinic. All with different requirements & different time frames for new passwords. It's so frustrating!


Good for him.

Waldo goes to India , finds himself Way too funny you know books Where's Waldo, find Waldo in pictures


Happy 30th Birthday Prince William! (29 photos)

Funny pictures about For richer or for poorer. Oh, and cool pics about For richer or for poorer. Also, For richer or for poorer.

Laughing. So. Hard.

I found this picture as another funny picture to add to the board. This picture demonstrates a statue person who is safe with their virginity! There have been many statues designed that support and demonstrate women's virginity.

Explaining Les Miserables…

Explaining Les Miserables…

Funny pictures about Explaining Les Miserables. Oh, and cool pics about Explaining Les Miserables. Also, Explaining Les Miserables.