CookingTackle: Coconut Pancakes Rolls (Dadar Gulung)

Half Dozen Yummy Indonesian Desserts on This Page! Including Fried bananas, and (pictured) Coconut Pancakes Rolls (Dadar Gulung)

lemper ayam - Indonesian traditional snack, made from sticky rice with chicken shredded inside and wrapped by banana leaves

Indonesian lemper sticky rice with chicken. made this before with my mum.

Rujak Serut Aceh

Rujak Serut Aceh (Aromatic mix fruit salad) shredded fruits (papaya, mango, pineapple, cucumber, chilli) in a sweet sour spicy juice

Today is a special post. I’m going to share 3 Indonesian traditional snacks (sweet). All of them are my favourites when I was little. And it has been loooong time since I ate them and so I as…

3 no-bake Indonesian sweet treats! Having a sponsored child in Indonesia, I had to try this recipe and it was delicious!