Klepon - Sweet Rice Balls Stuffed with Palm Sugar - Indonesia

Indonesian recipe - Klepon - Sweet rice balls stuffed with palm sugar. Klepon are Indonesian style rice balls, stuffed with palm sugar.

Indonesian Rice Pancakes

Serabi (indonesian rice pancakes) for the pancakes: 125 gr rice flour 30 gr plain flour tsp salt 150 ml coconut milk, boiling 1 tsp baking powder vanilla and/or pandan extract (optional)

Kue Ape

Thin crust wheat flour batter pancake with thicker part on the middle, coloquially called kue tetek (breast cake).

Kue Putu  ~ Putu cake is a kind of Indonesian food in the form of a cake that contains brown sugar and grated coconut.

Ingredients: 250 g rice flour 225 cc of hot boiling water ½ teaspoon salt 150 gr palm sugar, thinly slices 100 gr grated coconut 1 tsp of pandan food coloring flavour

Ondeh Ondeh : A delightful pop of delicious sweetness awaits!

Ondeh Ondeh

Ondeh Ondeh : A delightful pop of delicious sweetness awaits! Read Recipe by MunchMinistry

Kue Putu [Indonesian Putu Bamboo Cake].......Beautiful!  @Emilie Claeys Barnette daniel

Kue Putu or Putu Bamboo is an Indonesian traditional cake, consists of palm sugar wrapped with rice flour. it& cooked by steaming it i.

Ondeh ondeh muffin

Kuih Became Muffin? Ondeh Ondeh Muffins (椰子小松饼)

Dadar Gulung Cakes: Ketan plus Brown Sugar

Kuih Ketayap/Dadar/Gulung (Malaysian Pandan Crepes with Sweet Coconut Filling) - Had these in Malaysia and they were amazing - Must try to do them at home