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My heart!

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "I asked a kid "what is love? He answered: "love is when a puppy licks your face". I laughed before he added "even when you left him alone all day".

I miss that girl that hid her boyfriend and snuck out every night possible to see him an i miss that guy that went out with her. They were such amazing people and everyone said they belonged together, everyone thought they were perfect for each other. Too bad her dad found out and fucked it up. Too bad his heart didnt only belong to her...

Missing you so fucking damn much I haven't been able to eat anything. It was so amazing to see you for a second today. I love you.

Timing was wrong...And your damaged goods it seems...Hugs

I can still see them beautiful eye and them sweet lips of yours as you read me bull shit that really didn't matter anyways. Damn I miss you! my heart hurts 3 prayers left to be answered your one of them!

Our brains are sick

That's what kids are taught--grades matter at all costs. Why don't they educate kids about mental illness and prevent thousands of suicides and eating disorders?