Batik fabric

UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity on October As part of the acknowledgment, UNESCO insisted that Indonesia preserve their heritage.

Classic Parang Rusak design

My father brought back cloth with this exact pattern from one of his 'adventures'

making of printed 'kawung"

making of printed 'kawung"

classic colors

classic colours- maybe this is where my love of indigo and rust began?

"kawung" design

Batik Winotosastro makes traditional Indonesian batik fabric with only hand-waxing and dyeing methods. Yogyakarta's generation traditional batik makers are proud to pass on our cultural heritage. Discover how to batik in a fun batik workshop.

Famous personalities ... Wearing batik

APEC Summit in Bogor, Indonesia in with US President Bill Clinton and others wearing batik shirts.

batik parade

batik parade