Square hijab tutorial - most useful with a wide square hijab or a wide shawl.

Square hijab tutorial Omg yeayyy found the tutorial. I've been trying many ways to wear square hijab zz

What we should say instead of a simple Thank You, and the person who this is said to should reply with Ameen.

Better than say- just thanks.when you thankful someone(muslim) say "jazakAllahu khairan".

So so true it's just a shame some people do not realise or acknowledge this and feel that they alone are enough when that is so far from the truth..

Oh Allah, please always be with me and return those who are dear to my heart…

We as Muslims do not write SWT in regards to Exalted the Honourable and Blessed Names of our Exalted and Glorified God, SubHaanahoo wa ta^aalaa. Only THE IGNORANT MUSLIMS would do such a thing.

DesertRose♡The beautiful names of Allah سبحانه وتعالى♡

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Just pretending to be cute 😆 I'm not cute at all real life, hahaha. Btw, I'm wearing full outfit by Now also available at Pacific Place.

So, you are my queen

Dīn (دين, also anglicized as Deen) is a word in Arabic roughly meaning "creed" or "religion" or "spiritual inclination" that features heavily in Islam. It is also used in Sikh, Baha'i and Arab Christian worship.

Resultado de imagem para flores de feltro

Surprise the teacher with the great back to school gift idea using Sharpie markers. A felt flower pen bouquet in a decorated pot.

الحمد لله al hamdu-lilah

You may not be the richest in the world, but be content with whatever Allah has given you and you'll definitely be the wealthiest.