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Is social media bad for your phone?

social media mobile Is Social Media Good for Your Mobile ?

sweet "Of Monster and Man" Nanna

sweet "Of Monster and Man" Nanna

colehaan on the lunarlon bottom

LunarGrand Wingtip - Cole Haan wingtips with Nike Lunar sole! Actually been waiting for a Cole Haan with a Nike Free sole but this will do!

My Tattoo..*not finish yet..*

My Tattoo.*not finish yet.

Quack Muzzle: Turn Your Dog Into A Novelty Pet, Dignity Need Not Apply | OhGizmo!

From Japan: How to change the traditional brutal-looking dog muzzles into something more pleasant? OPPO created a muzzle for dogs called Quack that is shaped like a duck’s bill. Hopefully your dog won’t get too offended by this accessory.

Rocking chair+dog house

Combo dog/cat retreat under the rocker-Wooden rocking chair designed by Paul Kweton for people and their pets. Spend time with your cat or dog and rock them to sleep.