Febrian Vernando

Febrian Vernando

ingin mempelajari segalanya,, karena rasa ingin tahu yang tinggi,,
Febrian Vernando
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could be also used on tables for a wedding reception.

- large wine glasses - tea light inserts - tea lights - sand - seashells First fill the glass about full with sand. Arrange the seashells onto the sand as you please. Place the tea light in the insert and then hang on to the glass rim.

How to Make Your Own Handmade Sketchbook : Coptic Stitch

By Sea Lemon How to make a book using the coptic stitch - an excellent video tutorial. *Note* Instead of buying expensive waxed thread, you can rub plain candle wax onto regular thread.

Coptic stitch

Bookbinding Technique: Coptic Stitch A selection of DIY Coptic Stitch Tutorials: Coptic/Chain Stitch 1 Coptic/Chain Stitch 2 Video Tutorial 1 Video Tutorial 2 Video Tutorial 3