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Dhyta Maharani

Dhyta Maharani
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kitchen drawers fitted out for industrial canisters - flour, rice, whatever

Top-Drawer Idea: Rather than have a lot of canisters taking up valuable counter space, create drawers precisely measured to fit commercial stainless steel containers (available from restaurant supply stores) a baking drawer!

main kitchen measurements, room by room measurement guide for remodeling projects

Keep the most popular room in the house functional and safe with these simple design guidelines for the placement of appliances, cabinets, and countertops.


I really like the idea of storage space to hide small kitchen appliances and keep counter space clear. I would like to utilize this idea in my future home kitchen but with grey cabinets and green marble counter tops.

Great small-space kitchen idea for extra counter space that isn't required all the time: Build a pull-out table on wheels right underneath the island.

Creative Counter Space for a small kitchen. Here, a rolling cart tucks neatly into this island to offer additional workspace as needed. The cart can be wheeled throughout the kitchen to give multiple cooks room for meal prep and staging.

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