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1980 Toyota Celica GT Liftback original vintage advertisement. A unique combination of the fantastic, and the practical. What other car can inspire such feelings, yet be bought and maintained without remortgaging the house? The front end is restyled. It's longer, bolder, more suggestive of the power waiting in the 2.2 liter overhead cam engine. Price: $20.00 Delivery Included.

2 of 2 of Biggest Change VW Made. This ad made me sad because this car is the most reliable vehicle ever made and has had the longest run of one single model of any car in the world. R.I.P. Real Beetle! I will drive mine till it rusts to dust.

Mercedes Benz - Vintage Car Ad #Rides Dream Machines We cover the world Hotel and Flight Deals.Guarantee The Best Price

Indian Mini-Bike With Future AMA Motorcycle Racer

The beautiful Honda RC166 racer. Looks fast, goes even faster.