dialawani berin

dialawani berin

indonesia / my fav boyband is One Direction. Harry Styles is my sunshine. Lily Collins is my rainbow. I'm Hily shipper :)
dialawani berin
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Weave your way. - Present&Correct

Karen Barbé is a constant source of grid based eye candy. Her meticulous cross stitch patterns will please and her paper weaving experiments will delight.Another mag.


[DIY handmade ornaments gradient Lucky Lucky tutorial] In the stack, based on the paper with a gradient color to enhance the dreamy effect, very Harajuku taste, come try it!

Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin is a Swedish designer who works mostly with textiles to create modular pieces inspired by origami. She is multifaceted in her de.

Fabric manipulation // Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin works as a freelance designer and interior architect in Stockholm.