Выкройка необычной юбки с запахом...<3 Deniz <3

ХэндМейд и рукоделки

Pattern skirts with unusual odor, & Оксана Лебедь

Innovative Pattern Cutting -  spiral pleated sleeve detail; fabric manipulation; draping; creative sewing // Shingo Sato

creative sewing // Shingo Sato by carlene

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combination of chiffon and linen sleeves

Cloak stitch pattern...<3 Deniz <3

Capa Pelerine

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Nicely draped portions of this dress (shame the main portion is cut so low on top)



Clothes For Gym top en mousseline - patron - The gym is one of the places where people can not care about their appearance and concentrate only on working their body to show it later. However there are items that help us exercise much more efficiently.

Shoulder ideas

Spring Inspiration - Cut-out sleeves by Valentino


Moda d anne bebek manches capes


Magic Pattern 1 book - Sala Sara - Picasa Albums We

I love this for the style. I'd do the colors differently though.

tan w/navy & polka dots, bow accent


Sleeve design idea for Indian, Desi Blouse, Choli

Gracia AL

Gracia AL cute professional outwear, workwear skirt pattern.

Collo particolare

Multiple collars (not the studs)

harem pants with ankle bands

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Blusa nó.

Blouse with twist front detail