eid-mubarak-or-idul-fitri-greeting-card-in-cartoon-doodle-style-vector-id665353714 (601×612)

eid-mubarak-or-idul-fitri-greeting-card-in-cartoon-doodle-style-vector-id665353714 (601×612)

Ramadan Kareem cartão de cumprimentos

Brochuras Aquarela Ramadam Kareem

Ramadan is coming. The best chance to ask Allah for forgiveness. Thank him for his blessings and for keeping us alive till this moment. I am wishing you four weeks of blessings, 30 days of cle…

Ramadan Revelations # 01

Revolutionizing Reminders — So, what was your favourite quote last year?

Ramadan Revelations # 05

Ramadan Revelations: Day Five What are the things that you can’t stop doing, or feel depressed/down/frustrated if you stop yourself from doing? If these are good/positive addictions, that’s great,.

Ramadan Revelations # 04

Ramadan Revelations # 04

Ramadan Revelations # 03

Ramadan Revelations: Day Three “ The Messenger of Allah SWS used to smile often. So much so that his companions would say they never saw anyone smile more than him.

Ramadan Revelations # 09

Revolutionizing Reminders { via }

Ramadan Revelations # 08

Ramadan Revelations: Day Eight Below are some intentions that could multiply our reward if we have them whilst reciting the Qur’ān.

Ramadan Revelations # 06

Ramadan Revelations: Day Four The Sunnah is to ponder, think and recite at a measured pace, not to rush. Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “ “And recite the Qur’an.

Ramadan Revelations # 07

Ramadan Revelations: Day Seven When was the last time you used a miswak? Was it a couple of weeks ago? Months, or even a couple of years ago? It’s strange that few Muslims use a miswak these days,.

Ramadan Revelations # 02

Stomach too tight? Keep your iftar light!