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Anchor tattoo and heart tattoo on leg

"Orig. merchants, sailors, and navy servicemen started the trend of anchor tattoos. The common meaning of the anchor tattoo is holding one steadfast and strong. Early Christians were persecuted for their religious beliefs, often had to meet in secret. They marked meeting places with an anchor. Now an anchor tattoo indicates you are strong, steadfast and able to withstand even the strongest winds whether from the sea or in your personal life. This design also embodies safety, hope and…

Love this anchor tattoo with the starfish and waves. Add "Hope Always Awaits You"

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Nice ladies anchor tattoo

love the anchor! maybe lose the flowers. not big on florals

Ever since early high school I wanted some kind of anchor tattoo. My father was an Admiral in the Navy and so I grew up with a love of nautical things. He passed away my senior year of high school, and so I like to think that this in memory of him, the flowers representing life and that the memory of him will always be alive within me. Done by Rob at East River Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY.

Wrist tattoo. I would incorporate Hebrews 6:19 somehow though......