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a black and white photo of a motorcycle parked in front of a brick wall,
Its obviously not a car, but man, i would love to have an old motorcycle like this one!
a motorcycle with sidecar parked in front of a brick building on cobblestone
Old motorcycle - Sleza, Dolnoslaskie
a motorcycle parked in front of a wall
There a simple beauty in old motorcycles that I just love.
the back end of a car with its hood up and an open trunk in it
Mercedes Benz 300 SL / Classic car
the front end of an old fashioned car painted in magenta and black with chrome rims
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Alfa Romeo TZ2 Mclaren P1, Alfa Alfa, Car Wheels Rims, Alfa Romeo Cars, Alfa Romeo Giulia, 1957 Chevrolet, Italian Cars, European Cars
gearheads and monkeywrenches
Alfa Romeo TZ2