Wisconsin ....Beautiful ♥ ♥

Sunrise - sunset over Wisconsin fields (Good Morning Wisconsin - Phil Koch)

Awesome Sunset :)

The Edge of the Sky - Awesome AKA Middle cloud formation or Altocumulus undulatus with rising (or setting) sun at horizon.

Sunrise at York Lake

Autumn Mist : The mist from a nearby lake mixes with the early sunlight in this autumn forest.

Waves crushing during sunset

Waves at Sunset, I Love the Ocean! I'll travel anywhere and everywhere, but must always return to the sea!

Sunset behind a tree, lighting up a forest path and leaves in the Netherlands. The colors have been touched up, but the rays of light are real...

Today I have a amazing photography artists by the name of Lars van de Goor from the Netherlands. I Love Love Love his photo

Skydiving during sunset

It's definitely a surreal feeling when it seems you're on the edge of the earth & a complete rush knowing the only way down is out! Beautiful skydiving photo - captures the serenity of the experience.