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Dian Mustikasari
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Some people call this project making an ocean in a bottle or homemade lava lamp. The concept is simple put water and oil in a bottle and watch the separation. Talk about how they can’t mix and how oil floats. What else floats? What else sinks? This is a fun project for kids while they …

Oil and Water Project.I did this the other night with my niece and we called it "ocean in a bottle." Vegetable oil and water and food coloring. Cutest thing ever. She added little jewels and fish and was so proud of her ocean bottle!


Science project for kids. This one is called a lava lamp.same technique. Fill water bottle with oil, food coloring, and water. Kids can add gems, little fish, or anything to make it personal.


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Thanksgiving Turkey Hat Tutorial, create a thanksgiving hat with feathers and tie around head, adorable thanksgiving craft that will delight kids, easy to do for non crafty parents - I swear!