GADO GADO--Indonesian Salad with Veggies and Peanut Sauce

GADO GADO Gado gado is an Indonesian salad which consists mostly of boiled or blanched vegetables accompanied by a sweet and spicy peanut dressing, similar to but not as rich as satay sauce. Food you've to try in Indonesia.

Borobudur temple, Indonesia

Angkor Wat Buddhas - a blend of Hindu god Vishnu and the mythical mountain. So beautiful and one of my favorite parts of history and cultural blending.

Borobudur Temple, Central Java, Indonesia #zimmermanngoesto

INDONESIA Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia Would love to visit this place (unless I've been blacklisted)

Tahu Gejrot Cirebon – Fried Tofu in Chili Soy Sauce

Tahu Gejrot Cirebon Fried Tofu in Chili Soy Sauce Recipe recipes - Social Cooking Engine

Indonesia, bali, durian fruits

Indonesia, bali, durian fruits * ok, i was a little late on the Durians! I've never heard of such a thing.

Indonesian Food. Sate Tempe with Spicy Sweet Sauce

Tempeh skewers (sate tempe), Indonesian - tempeh is fermented soy in a cake form, usually sliced thinly and served with spicy sweet sauce, considered as healthy traditional food in the country

Komodo National Park in Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur

Komodo National Park on Komodo Island. This tiny Indonesian island is home to the awesome Komodo Dragon.

Toraja Architecture from Sulawesi Island in Indonesia

Toraja Architecture, photograph by Charuhas. The Toraja are an ethnic group indigenous to a mountainous region of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.