More u understand Quran. The more closer u come to ALLAH

d real gift nd guidance to one'z lyf.yeppp i feel tat beauty 😍😍. Hope everyone getz it fruition 😇😇.

Allah will make a way  When there seems to be no way

the only way to survive and be happy is to trust Him and know that He is allwaaaysss by yourside 💕🌠🍃

Khadijah radiyAllahu'anha

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid radiyAllahu anha (may Allah be pleased with her) ~ interesting reading for those who don't know and a good refresher for those who do :)

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ibn khaldun - please let us remember the colossal contributions of Muslim thinkers. We who think (& wonder) stand on the shoulders of these giants too. Worthwhile to look into their ideas & thoughts?

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