Allah is always thr f m ❤

Hold fast to Allah. He is your Protector – the Best Protector, the Best Helper.The Omnipotent and The Loving One.

Things that muslim women need to know by heart

Looking at this feel overwhelmed learning Islam. One request prenuptial support intensive Islamic understandings, everything necessity dictates if unsuitable schooling our children then situated homeschool & raise our children as proper muslims. His anxie

Produced by Alia Nadhirah - Summary of “the A-Z Love & Mercy” Course by Al-Kauthar Institute. To be published on soon!

The Fiqh of Marriage. Marriage in Islam I do want to point out that the bit about divorce is for men only is inaccurate and should be changed by the creator of this infographic. Islam permits both men and women to initiate divorce and there are several in

106+ Beautiful Islamic Quotes & Sayings About Life With Pictures  #islamicQuotes #islamQuote #quotesaboutLife

Being a Muslim is more than just going to the masjid - Allah wants your 'attention' not just your 'attendance'