timelightbox: “Canary from the series The Incomplete Dictionary of Show Birds, 2009 (photo: Luke Stevenson) Amsterdam welcomes a new photo festival to their Dutch district. Unseen aims to showcase.

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The Color Bred Canary Poster is a series of 2 posters. Each poster is laminated and may be purchased with or with eyelets

Frank Indiviglio explores easy methods of taming ad training finches and canaries on that avian blog from That Fish Place.

Taming and Training Canaries and Other Finches

Song All Year Long: Bringing a Canary Song Bird Into Your Home - Bird Pet Care Corner - PetSolutions

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nice hat!

The most interesting thing about the Gloster canary is that the bird has a permanent bowl cut. It looks like a little wig. This is one stylin’ bird.

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