a dessert with coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring, red beans, shaved ice and palm sugar, only in Indonesia

Table for 2.... or more: Durian Cendol #7thmerdekaopenhse

I first had durian cendol more years ago at Tan Kim Hock Melaka. Back then, it wasn& served in that fancy wasteful flower shaped ca.

Cendol dessert

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( tradional Ice Drink, is a common and popular cold dessert sell at Indonesia, made of brown sugar, rice flour mixed with Pandanus ammaryllifolius leaf extract, thin coconut milk with a dash of salt and ice cubes).

Ais Kacang - Gorgeous Retro Coloured Chilled Dessert!

Makan At Alice's - Thornleigh, Sydney