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Dimas Arief Wicaksono
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rhubarbes: “Ghost In The Shell - Batou by Katsuya Terada (for Young Magazine, September * ”

Hiroshi Yoshida "Winter in Taguchi"

Hiroshi Yoshida "Winter in Taguchi" (ABE Date: 1927 Japanese woodblock print Pencil signed and titled Early reddish brown jizuri seal Fine color and impression

Hiroshi Yoshida "Venice"

Fine Hiroshi Yoshida Japanese Woodblock Prints for sale

Hiroshi Yoshida "Hokuryo"

Hiroshi Yoshida "Hokuryo" (ABE Series: Korea and Manchuria Japanese woodblock print pencil signed with Jizuri seal fine color and impression, never mounted Size: 10 x

Hiroshi Yoshida "Edo Castle"

Hiroshi Yoshida "Edo Castle" 1929 (ABE Series: Twelve Scenes of Tokyo Fine, Never Mounted Condition Pencil Signed and Titled, with Jizuri Seal 10 x 16 3

Hiroshi Yoshida "Gold Gate"

Hiroshi Yoshida "Gold Gate" (ABE Date: 1941 16 x 21 full sheet, double oban Pencil signed with jizuri seal Fine color and impression

"The Breithorn" by Yoshida, Hiroshi

Thumbnail of Original Japanese Woodblock Print by Yoshida, Hiroshi

"Snake Charmers" by Yoshida, Hiroshi

Snake Charmers, from the series, India and Southeast Asia, by Yoshida Hiroshi,