" experience an Intimate Honeymoon Holiday only in Borneo . home to the orang-utan."

"This is also a great time to be in Borneo, where you can gaze at orangutans, stay on beautiful tropical beaches, go hiking in the forest, stay in local long houses and experience an overnight climb of Mount Kinabalu. Try this amazing nature tour.

Floating Market boats Lok Baintan in Banjarmasin, Indonesia  Read more: http://pinterestingpictures.blogspot.com/2013/03/most-beautiful-pictures-of-indonesia-90.html#ixzz3Q5d4fSrT

My Hometown- Floating Market, Banjarmasin- south borneo- Indonesia- Sense of Place - Week 12 Gallery - Traveler Photo Contest 2012 - National Geographic

Indonesian citiies - Credoland by Tommy Chandra, via Behance  Bits of Indonesia

Indonesian citiies - I like this idea for each country within the continent, then put together (maybe with small space between to clarify borders

A Guide to paradise Gili Air Island, Lombok

Gili Air Island is a popular destination while doing a Bali round trip. Find out how much you can do on such a small island with our Gili Air Guide.

Kartupedia - Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar on Behance

Heimlo proudly present our collaboration with Indonesia Mengajar in their new initiative ‘Festival Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar’, aims to gather volunteers to make learning materials which will help the students in Indonesian remote areas.