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Peter Gene Hernandez

Peter Gene Hernandez

Cause we all know Bruno is more sexy then Justin! Haha

He told u! Bruno shot him down!

Of course I love Zayn! He hasn't done anything to deserve all the hate!

Zayn is amaZAYN! he is an incredible person, he doesn't deserve hate, I don't see how anyone could Hate Zayn, he's a great person! LOVE YOU ZAYN!

Stop.. Really please just stop.. This made me cry.

*sigh* sadly, painfully true Hafeji Malik don't worry you got your army of direcrioners :)

Well lol

Zayn Malik and Bruno Mars

Aww :( anyone who doesn't love Niall is not a true fan and should not be allowed in this fandom! Niall is perfect and we love him!

Those girls are bitches for leaving Niall out. I hate those bitches. They should be kicked out of the fandom because they're not true fans. A true fan would include Niall.