Nerd Look Hijab Tutorial

I usually don't like the fullness around the neck, but I like the contrast between colors and also the glasses - making hijab real

New hijab Tutorial

This is a very classy and gorgeous hijab look, mainly for special occasions, it looks flowing, Simple and you can wear all your types of necklaces with this hijab style. You will need a ninja scarf for this look, Its easy… fashion high-heel shoes for wome

Variant på klassisk turkisk uppsättning av kvadratisk sjal. Går också att göra med att fästa enbart vid tinningarna och lämna öppet vid hakan, sedan knyta snibbarna lösare i nacken så att de lämnar halsen (täckt av undersjal naturligtvis) delvis synlig.

I have written Turkish hijab tutorial step by step for girls who want to adopt classy Turkish hijab style. These Turkish Hijab style steps are very easy.