Ayam Bakar Bumbu Taliwang

This grilled chicken is so hot and flavorsome. The spice paste is infused in the chicken already, and basted all over it again that it doesn’t matter whether you grill, roast or put it in the oven.

Besengek Ayam

Besengek Ayam

Martabak Manis Bong Ngian

Martabak Manis Bong Ngian

Terik Daging

This is an easy to cook dish that tastes even better the day after preparation.

Pesmol Ikan Mas

This dish offers the amazing taste experience of spicy, crunchy fried goldfish / carp.

Mi Godog

How to make mi godog, an Indonesian boiled noodles, a simple recipe from Dapur Rasamasa

Gadon Daging

The ingredients and spices for this recipe are readily available. All you need for cooking this dish are banana leaves, binding cord, and a steamer.


How to make panada from Dapur Rasamasa (Rasamasa Kitchen).


There are Several steps in making this recipe. It is best to try the recipe if you have a lot of time. And how about making dumplings for Chinese Lunar New Year