Indonesian Potato Croquette (Kroket Kentang) | Indonesia Eats

There are many different styles of Croquette in every country. In Indonesia, Croquette was first introduced during Dutch Colonial rule and it becomes a very popular snack. The Indonesians like to enjoy croquettes with bird eye chilies

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Martabak Manis Coklat Keju (Sweet Martabak with Chocolate and Cheese) - or what we call it in Surabaya, Terang Bulan



Coconut Banana, Balinese Pisang Rai

CookingTackle: Coconut Banana, Balinese Pisang Rai- love this site! makes me feel like I am on a vacay that I have absolutely NEVER been on before!

lengko rice

Lenko Rice - Lengko rice is a Javanese rice with mixed vegetables and crackers and all, soaked nicely with spicy peanut sauce.