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Tattoo on full body is one of the latest trend. It gives you look more fashionable, bold and sexy. Here we present 15 best full body tattoo designs for girls and boys.

Baby Yakuza, Boy Tattoo, Punk Girl ° Playtex Binky °° Grey Healthy People Agency

"Yakuza Baby, Tattoo Boy & Punk Girl" or Pacifiers for Difficult Children! A print advertising campaign for Playtex Binky pacifiers created by the U.

Wings Tattoo Design: Full Body Eagle Wings Tattoo Design For Women ~ Cvcaz Tattoo Art Ideas ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

The Wings Tattoo Design for the First Tattoo: Full Body Eagle Wings Tattoo Design For Women ~ Tattoo Design Inspiration

"PEACE & SEX"  art & design: pvolpedesign.com

"PEACE & SEX" art & design: pvolpedesign.com

January Aurora Over Norway    #amazing #world

(solar-storm-fueled auroras)---- "Eagle Lights"---The central light ribbon in this image resembles the head and beak of a bird, flanked by a radiant wingspan. The photo was taken in Grøtfjord, close to Tromsø in northern Norway.

Red Rocks, Utah

Looks like blood and snow. The Red and The White was a strong theme in Celtic mythology; (Red Canyon in Winter, Dixie National Forest, Utah; photo by Ron Niebrugge).