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Magic- One Direction

What's your favorite non-cd song? Mine is Truly Madly Deeply and Magic. :) They don't get talked about enough. <<< Mine is Truly Madly Deeply and Moments


Just a representation of how far it's come. And how many illegal recording devices are brought into a One Direction concert.

It's ok I'm fine Don't worry about me I'll just be in the corner drowning in an ocean of my own tears No really I'm fine *sobs uncontrollably*

That makes me so happy because I know all of my fellow directioners feel the same way about our boys.

I can hear his laugh . Please don't tell me I'm the only one who does this>>not your definitely not.. I think all directioners have pretty much memorized it

Day 4 One Direction 20 Day Challenge:The boy that I think I'm most alike: Niall! Because he laughs a lot and I do too!