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Dion Coffee Black

Dion Coffee Black
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Magic- One Direction

What's your favorite non-cd song? Mine is Truly Madly Deeply and Magic. :) They don't get talked about enough. <<< Mine is Truly Madly Deeply and Moments

1D X-Factor songs

this just cracks me up. I would totally wear this to school if I wouldn't get put in lock down for it.

It's ok I'm fine Don't worry about me I'll just be in the corner drowning in an ocean of my own tears No really I'm fine *sobs uncontrollably*

That makes me so happy because I know all of my fellow directioners feel the same way about our boys.

I can hear his laugh . Please don't tell me I'm the only one who does this>>not your definitely not.. I think all directioners have pretty much memorized it

Day 4 One Direction 20 Day Challenge:The boy that I think I'm most alike: Niall! Because he laughs a lot and I do too!