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after having spilled cucumber juice on her and stepped on her foot, the best way to end it was of course accidentally spitting on her face as he said hello

My life story...Not a lot of people will ever understand us Directioners, but we understand each other and we are all very welcoming people (sometimes ;) and we care about each other. I really do care about my fellow Directioners and I would like to say that I defend everyone and I hope everyone else does that too. We truly are a big family and I love having that thought in my head, that I am accepted and liked by people all over the world, who I have never met. I truly love you all <3

The Vamps-Every one this that i just like them for their looks and songs but it's more than that I love them they have came so far they make me fill like all the bullies and bad people dont matter because I have them

My sink always looks like this



355 Likes, 4 Comments - ulzzang 얼짱 (@ulzzangkyeo) on Instagram: “#ulzzangkyeo  #ulzzang #korean #korea #koreanboy #koreangirl #girl #koreancouple #ulzzangboy #boy…”

355 Likes, 4 Comments - ulzzang 얼짱 (@ulzzangkyeo) on Instagram: “#ulzzangkyeo #ulzzang #korean #korea #koreanboy #koreangirl #girl #koreancouple #ulzzangboy #boy…”

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