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We regret to inform everyone that our plant shop has decided to close. During this time, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the customers who have supported us. After careful consideration and thorough evaluation, we have had to make this difficult decision.
a bird feeder on top of a tree in the grass near a path and fence
Willow Bespoke Hand-painted Wooden Bird Table - Hook
A beautiful and bespoke wooden bird table/feeding platform finished with a uniquely handcrafted reclaimed Welsh slate roof and wooden roof ridges. Handcrafted using individually picked FSC certified wood from our local timber merchant. Hand-painted in a selected range of Exterior Eggshell Farrow & Ball colours. Suitable for a wide range of wild birds including goldfinches, Robins, Blue tits and Great tits. Position on a smooth surface such as a table, tree stump or post. Choose either a hook
a tree that is standing in the ground
Handmade Free Standing Floor Rustic Natural Budgie Canary Bird Perch Branch Bark Stand Tree 130cm
This natural bird perch tree is made from bird safe branches and wood collected from our Woodlands in Surrey. Our woodlands are completely organic and we do not use pesticides or insecticides. The branches are cut as part of our woodland management plan so no damage to the woodlands are caused. The stand is hand made from untreated wood. It has a very rustic finish and is NOT intended to look like a finely finished work of carpentry. We use bird safe varieties of wood - Hazel, Sycamore, Sweet Chestnut and Beech. The branches are a mix of straighter and crooked sticks with lots of bends and knots and bark detail to keep your pets feet healthy. The stand comprises a log base, a centre Hazel upright and 6 screw in branches of different varieties. The base log has a diameter of app
a wooden bird feeder in the shape of a tree
Wooden Bird Feeder - Handmade Birdhouse Outdoor - Eco-friendly Garden Decoration - Gardening Gift
A high quality outdoors handmade bird feeder is the perfect decoration for a garden. * Eco-friendly: made from thick (0.24 in) high quality birch plywood making it environment-friendly and more natural for wild birds to adapt to than any plastic feeders. * Sturdy and well-designed: so both you and the birds can enjoy it for a long time. * Easy to assemble: few parts and easy instructions make it quick to use after unpacking (it is sent in a not assembled form). Generally, no glue is necessary but you could use for the base of the feeder for the extra security. Please to use water resistance glue. * A cord is included for hanging this bird house on a tree, your fence, house or elsewhere in a garden, a forest or any other area where birds might appreciate it. * Perfect housewarming gift or
a man holding a wooden model of a tree house
Bird feeders for the outdoors Wooden rustic bird feeder Stand up & hanging birdhouse Hummingbird feeding Handmade pagoda bird house
"This is a wooden bird feeder that looks really amazing and serves its purpose both in feeding birds and as a decoration. Detailed and extremely precise laser cutting creates a beautiful tree silhouette that will look beautiful to people and look like twigs to birds. The birdfeeder is made of natural birch plywood. To give the feeder a brown color, special odorless and tasteless brown paints were used to blend the feeder more with the environment and to make it fit much better than light-colored feeders. In addition, this color will look more natural to the birds and they will be less afraid of the bird feeder itself. It can be a great garden decoration, or a birthday present for an uncle, aunt, grandparent, parents, and maybe a nature lover or teacher. Either way, it will surely surprise
a bird house made out of wood on a deck
Batu Teak Root Bird Table
A tall, rustic bird table or bird feeding station handmade from pieces of genuine teak root. At Rattan and Teak we love unusual garden accessories that make great centrepieces as well as being functional. This charming, rustic Batu Teak Root Bird Table certainly ticks both of those boxes. Hand made not mass manufactured, the bird table is 145-155cm tall and offers plenty of space for garden birds to come and feed.
an outdoor chicken coop built into the side of a house with wooden posts and wood slats
Small Woodworking Project | wood working project for beginner
Woodworking | wood project | wood working project for beginner: Teds Woodworking is a massive collection of more than 16,000 woodworking projects and blueprints which you can easily follow to build your own home furniture, garden chairs, dog houses, bird feeders, shed and many more….[CHECK THE LINK TO READ MORE] #woodcrafts #smallwoodproject #woodworking #woodworkingplans #woodworkingdesign #fineartwoodworking #woodprojects
three different pictures of white flowers with yellow centers
The Diphylleia grayi, also known as the skeleton flower, have such delicate petals that they become transparent when it rains - WTF
purple and green flowers in a white vase on a table
Make a lovely (spray... - Re-Scape Inspired Recycling
Make a lovely (spray... - Re-Scape Inspired Recycling