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many different types and sizes of spires on top of buildings
Apr 2010 – Page 2 – Valentin Mandache, architectural historian
a small glass clock tower next to some coins
Reliquary stupa, 1st century-3rd century
Reliquary stupa - Pakistan, Kushan period mid 1st century to early 5th century AD
a white building with pillars and a dome on the top, in front of a white background
three pieces of gold colored metal with beading on them and a glass filled with water
Starburst Crown Coasters
an image of a brochure that is designed to look like it has been folded in
CHLOE Brand Guidelines - Keynote template
three metal trays with gold and silver decorations on them, one is holding a pearl beaded necklace
Banish All Dresser Clutter With 1 Easy Trick
a metal spoon with two green beads on it's side and an intricately designed handle
Dagobert Peche, Genius of Ornament
six silver cups and a metal stand on a white background
Cruet Stand | Dresser, Christopher | V&A Explore The Collections
a silver tea kettle with a black handle
Christopher Dresser | Teapot | British, Sheffield | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a silver cup with a wooden spoon next to it
Jewellery by the contemporary jewellery designer KIRSTY EAGLESFIELD
a group of silver objects sitting on top of a table
Cleto Munari - Design New York Tuesday, December 17, 2013 | Phillips
an image of a person holding a device in their hand and touching it with the other hand
ivy. - Routine planning tool for kids with autism
an image of a camera with instructions on how to use the lens and attachments
an elaborately decorated entrance to a building with potted plants and gold decorations on the wall
an elaborately decorated room with paintings on the walls and ceiling, surrounded by potted plants
Inspired by traditional Tanjore art, this couple’s engagement celebration was luxurious and inventive!
an assortment of different items are arranged on a white surface, including scissors and other objects