What is Hijab Come from the root word “hajaba” to cover from view or to conceal covering as appeared behind a curtain modest covering of Muslim women. Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as object.

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Epic photo of the Muslim veil as an "accentuation of beauty" Photographer Sebastian Farmborough went to Saudi Arabia and came across a Kodak moment he just couldn’t afford to miss; a woman out at sea - covered in the Muslim veil. #niqab #niqabi #muslima #muslim #veiled #beauty #modesty

An Emerging Mystery by Sebastian Farmborough, via ~ This photograph was taken at dawn on the Burj Al Arab beach in UAE

#niqab #niqabi #muslima #muslim #veiled #beauty #modesty

Religion-Attracts criticism for views on christianity. Muslim organisations reacted angrily to the throwaway comment. It is a woman’s choice if she wishes to wear a hijab with burga they say.

I ♥ my Niqab

Wrap it round, pin it down.wear your Niqab like a crown ♕

Niqab friends

If I went out with this many niqab's I'd surely like to see ignorant fools try to make fun of us!

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