Bandrek, Indonesian Traditional Drink (Ginger, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon)

Hot Spiced Drink from Indonesia: Bandrek

Indonesian Traditional Drink - Jamu

If you're tasting jamu for the first time, try the refreshing kunyit asem.

Es Teler... an authentic Indonesian beverage... so delicious!!

Iced Mixed Fruit Drink two cans of jackfruit a can of young coconut meat a jar of coconut gel cubes a can of attap (nipah palm) fruit. a couple of fresh avocados some crushed ice some condensed milk

Wedang Jahe - Traditional Indonesian Winter Drink! this is going on a cocktail list somewhere

Traditional Indonesian warm drink "Ginger, pandanus and coconut blossom sugar drink" (wedang jahe)

Indonesian Medan Food: Rujak Serut Aceh (Aromatic mix fruit salad)

Rujak Serut Aceh (Aromatic mix fruit salad) shredded fruits (papaya, mango, pineapple, cucumber, chilli) in a sweet sour spicy juice

Es Mutiara

Cook 100 gr tapioca pearls with pandan flavour, 300 ml water, 30 gr sugar, until…