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Honda S 90 or super 90 In 1964 it was the hottest little bike in a world of mopeds and Cushman scooters

The 1966 Honda "Super advertising would claim and it's smaller cousin, the Honda or Trail See and Read about these Small Wonders.

Honda S90 1969 Cafe Racer by Island Motorcycles | Island Motorcycles

Honda ✭ Cafe Racer We were surprised (but happy) to discover that this 1969 Honda built a couple of years ago by Edy Wahono at Island Motorcycles in collaboration with Stray D…

Ottonero Cafe Racer

1969 Honda Cafe Racer from Island Motorcycles - Island Customs & Vespa Classics - in Bali, Indonesia Made by Edy Wahono & art by Yves Faes-Dupont.