The night of Al-Qadr

The Night of Decree (Qadr). I will hopefully be able to do this this Ramadan. But then again, only the MOST devoted Muslims can receive the benefit of Lailatul Qadr, one of the last 10 odd nights of Ramadan.

Keep calm...

My first Ramadan is almost over. In shaa Allah next one will be filled with more discipline and ease.

Ramadan kareem!

Islamic Visual Artist and Typographer. "And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.


Allahumma inni as alookal jannatho waAaozo bika minanaar O Allah, I ask You to grant me Paradise and I take refuge in You from the Fire.

Ramadhan 2012

Charles R Poliquin on Preserving Muscle Mass while Fasting and Observing Ramadan