The New Nation of Indonesia | LIFE Magazine February 13, 1950 | In this issue there are 14 pages of pictures by Henri Cartier-Bresson about Indonesia

The New Nation of Indonesia february 13 1950 Life Magazine Henri Cartier-Bresson Magnum Photography

Djawa Baroe (New Java): a japanese propaganda magazine in Nusantara (East Indies - now Indonesia) - National Library collection.

Djawa Baroe (New Java), a Japanese Propaganda Magazine in Nusantara (East Indies - Now Indonesia) - National Library Collection

Prajurit Tradisional Indonesia, Unik dan Mematikan - Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community

Indonesia, Lombok ~ Sasak people ~ 1865 ~ The Sasak people live mainly on the…

Hotel Indonesia - Jakarta, 1962. This old historical hotel is still here, being renovated and now standing side by side with a high rise prestigious building a complete complex of offices and mall called Grand Indonesia. Our late President Soekarno built this hotel to accomodate the Asian Games athletes held in 1962

Hotel Indonesia - Jakarta, This old historical hotel is still here, being…

Jakarta Fair / Pekan Raya Jakarta. Indonesia back in the 70s #monas #jakarta @kakday

Advertisemnt pavilion of Volkswagen at the annual market at the National Monument (Monas) at the Merdeka square.

Bung Tomo - Surabaya!

Bung Tomo's Speech(Indonesian: Pidato Bung Tomo) This one is my experiment of black-and-white photograph colorization. Bung Tomo's Speech in Colour