Some call it Shabby Chic, others Junk, to us it is Weathered. Each is unique from its aging process.
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an old wooden door that has been painted green
door of strength
an old door with two round holes in it
Stonework and door in Visso
an old rusty mailbox sitting on top of a wooden fence
HDR Country Mailbox by braxtonds on DeviantArt
an old wooden door with ornate carvings on the front and side doors are open to let in light
Authentic Patina on Wooden Architectural Features
several birds on the side of a wooden door with rusted paint and wood slats
Shabby chic furniture
Beautiful Haitian Wall Birds, courtesy of Flora Grubb Gardens, 1634 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA. #shabbychicfurniturecolors
an old padlock on the side of a wooden door
Old Lock
Old Lock | by D. Martinez
an old blue door with stained glass on it
Colorful Door - Harrisburg Cemetery - Harrisburg...
Travel with Travelon bags! Colorful Door - Harrisburg Cemetery - Harrisburg Pennsylvania
an old run down building with boarded up doors
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Pealing decay
an old blue door on the side of a building
an old door with a chain hanging from it
La llave, en la puerta. | Jota Barros
Una llave en una puerta vieja, de madera. En Tameirón, una aldea de Ourense, Galicia.