Kai ❤️ EXO                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Kai ❤️ EXO Mais \ this art folks. this guy is art

Heaven Chanbaek

What's with EXO and flower crowns?

Bombón Hermoso ♡ Oigame no! Usted cada día se pone más Bueno >:v

he wrecks my whole life help

Chan me representando sempre que saio de casa

Heart-shaped eyes are wide open.

Kai EXO ❤️-❤️

Kai EXO ❤️ (this whitewash ;

Kim Minseok | Tumblr

XiuXiu X glasses from another angle

[#EDIT] 13.09.16 - Baekhyun para Nylon Korea

The most awesome images on the Internet

Baekhyun et des fleurs X)) Just got better

EXO's Chanyeol

EXO& Chanyeol pics with glasses


Dyo, meu neném, vc Foi, é, e sempre será meu bias no EXO ♡♡♡♡


exo and kai image On I'm really mad why they have to white washing Kais beautiful skin color? I want every idol to feel comfortable in their skin. It's like how N feels like his skin is too dark.

HEARTY KAI S8 WALLPAPER (© exoslotto) •do not edit• insta : KyungsooCentral . hi feel free to use my creation and give me feedback on how it is :) if you want your personal wallpaper , please ask me if you want but i am still practicing on my creativity because i suck at being creative haha . please go message me here or on instagram if you will !

Kai from exo

Chanyeol Wallpaper | EXO

Chanyeol Wallpaper | EXO



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“ Penguin Kyung-Kyung~ mehehehe (fanart credit to owner)”

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